• RELEASE DATE /February 2020
  • CATALOG /AE47054001
  • LABEL /ae-music
  • FORMAT /Digital / Vinyl / CD

Release tracklist

About Morning Glory

Morning Glory
This track is a grand play for orchestra and piano. You can feel the satisfaction of a beautiful morning. Oliver James Holland has chosen to use a synthesizer  sound to it in a subtle way, that makes the grandeur even greater.

Rowing the Galley – Canon in Am
Imagine that you’re on a Roman galley at sea. The drummer sounds his drum in an endless rhythm. Slaves were rowing the boat on the beat of the drum. It was an endless repeating. That’s why this beautiful peace is a canon.

Romanian Heart
When Oliver James Holland was in Romania, he found a proud and loving nation. But also he felt the disappointment and worries. Al those feelings he put in this peace for orchestra.

The Dark March
Imagen that you are on a march to war. A grave thought indeed. But there are times you think of home and those moments are priceless. In de Dark Mars you can hear the pressure of war, but also the thoughts of home.

Passage of Time
In this peace for piano and violins you can hear the clock ticking by. In this minimalistic song Oliver James Holland takes you on a travel trough time.